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CoVID Related Policies and Procedures

February 12, 2021

CoVID 19 Related Policies & Procedures

Updated September 2021

  1. All tours and rentals must be pre-booked and prepaid.
  2. We are not required to request participants vaccinations status on our tours.
  3. One booking party only per tour on Zodiac boat tours.

At this point in time, a booking party could consist of either a household unit or those with whom you have chosen to bubble with. Exception: 2 parties of 2 persons agree to share the boat, knowing that they will be outdoors and keeping one meter of distance. Max. 4 people. You can wear a mask if you wish.

  1. Tours available 7 days per week.
  2. Lunches on day tours are now add-ons for a per person fee. Lunches will be served to you by your guide. No self-service allowed.
  3. Maximum 6 guests boat tour; maximum 6 guests per kayak tour.  Contact us if you have more in your group for a kayak tour.
  4. Mask wearing is optional as our tours are outdoors.
  5. Staggered tour and rentals start times to avoid having different booking parties congregating in the same area at the same time. Your confirmation letter and/or follow up email or phone call will confirm your start time.
  6. Guests will need to sign an additional release form acknowledging their state of health upon arrival at our premises, as well as a release relating to the risks related to CoVID and our duty of care for you, our guests.
  7. Increased use of doubles on kayak tours to reduce risks of capsize and therefore reduce the risks of not maintaining social distance in a rescue situation.
  8. Staff and guests are required to wash or sanitize their hands upon arrival at work / premises and prior to any interaction with others and after an interaction where shared items are touched (pens / clipboards etc.)
  9.  All soft and hard kayak related gear & equipment is washed in soapy water and left out to dry. All PFD’s will be fully dried prior to the next use. All equipment is stored outdoors, in open sided covered sheds for maximum air flow and ventilation.
  10. Mask wearing is required inside our office premises.
  11. All employees must do a daily self-check prior to arrival at work and must stay home if they have any signs or symptoms related to CoVID 19. They must have a CoVID test prior to returning to work.
  12. A CoVID related cancellation policy has been implemented whereby for tours and rentals any cancellations made 6 days or less in advance of your booking that are related to personal illness due to CoVID, contact with someone with CoVID or changes in travel allowances will result in one of two options: a full credit to be used towards future bookings OR a refund of your payment less 25% of the value of your payment made to date.

Lund Harbour House Suite

  1. There will be no same day check in and check out’s in 2021, meaning the suite will sit unused for 28 hours prior to a new party entering the suite.
  2. All dishware and cutlery are sanitized between visits.
  3. We will not be entering the suite during your stay. Any items needed will be left outside of the main door. Please ensure you have booked the correct number of persons for your stay so that we can set up the second bed, put out enough towels and supplies.
  4. We use hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners for all counters and high touch surface areas.
  5. Our guests are asked to inform us if they have had visitors to the suite and must give us the name and phone number of those who visited for contact tracing purposes.
  6. Our staff are wearing a mask and gloves while cleaning in the suite.

What our guests are saying about us...

"The Zodiac tour far exceeded our expectations. Our guide was very knowledgeable about marine and terrestrial ecosystems, native and European history and modern day events."