Terracentric Leadership Development Programs

Effective team members need exceptional leaders. Building the leadership capacity in your group or organization is key to being flexible and able to respond quickly to change. Leaders need to be able to identify and act on opportunities, while working with the strengths of the whole team.

Terracentric Workshops will help you learn how to communicate, motivate and manage change. Our Facilitators use practical experiences in working you through existing and anticipated challenges in your role as leader.

Sessions include a blend of theoretical classroom based learning modules we have built over years of working with groups of all abilities as well as action-packed hands on activities. Offered at your premises or some other location we decide, our Leadership workshops are known to improve your negotiating skills, your creative capacities, and your ability to understand and influence organizational culture. As with all our training, at the end of the course you'll take away an action plan tool that is a specific, achievable and realistic in order to meet your needs and objectives.

Call us today at 604-483-7900 to get started on planning a Leadership Development program or choose from existing programs for your group, or email us for a package on our latest Leadership workshops and our client list.

What our guests are saying about us...

"I loved everything about this experience! We hired Terracentric to take us to Sarah Point, the start of the Sunshine Coast Trail. Christine was hilarious, professional and very friendly from start to finish. She expertly guided us to the drop off point and wished us well. She managed to find a spot where we could disembark without getting wet (without a dock!). I highly recommend Terracentric and would use them again in a heartbeat."