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Terracentric Program Delivery Options

Powell River: A Destination Classroom!

With unlimited available classroom space in one of the most spectacular locations on the planet, our unique coastal rainforest with sheltered salt and fresh waters and amazing flora and fauna combine with our highly gifted team of facilitators and instructors to provide a captivating array of program delivery options. Click Here for local area visitor information.

What’s Included?

All of our adventure-based programs include:

  • Support and consultation in the design of your program. We customize programming to meet the needs and abilities of your group.
  • We can provide Prescribed Learning Outcomes -Based activities and lesson plans for pre- and post-activities.
  • Parent and administrator information and planning meetings.
  • Proposals, curricula, itineraries, budgets to bring programs to the stage.
  • Full insurance coverage and the highest standards for Safety Awareness and Risk Management.
  • Access to Participant paper work, forms and downloadable resource materials before hand.
  • Full permits in place for legally operating on crown lands and in BC Parks.
  • Option to have us come to you, or you come to us.
  • Access to the Terracentric Adventure Centre and Powell Lake Outdoor Learning Centre.
  • High end, regularly maintained equipment for every activity offered.
  • Programs taught by skilled, knowledgeable, certified guides. All our Instructors possess three-dimensional skills suitable for supporting success with groups of all ages and abilities. Some have education degrees.
  • All consumable program materials.
  • Fun and meaningful activities that build self-confidence and offer life-changing experiences.
  • Learning-by-doing activities (experiential education).
  • Challenge by choice philosophy.
  • Class and individual leadership and communication development.

Terracentric Adventure Learning Kit (TALK)

Our adventures are portable! We are able to bring an entire indoor or outdoor 'off-site' experiential training experience to your facility. Choose from over 20 plus challenge elements (including low ropes course) and over two hundred experiential group oriented activities, simulations and initiatives, that can be set up and facilitated in your boardroom, parking lot, a park, retreat center or conference facility.

Challenge Ropes Course

Team Building Challenge Course Programs Ropes Course & Play Days

A challenge course is like an obstacle course in the trees, or between poles. Suspended anywhere from a few inches off the ground, to 30 - 40 feet in the air, it is constructed using cable, rope, logs and other hardware. Specific activities and initiatives , called elements, promote varying degrees of both individual and team problem solving and decision making. Participants climb, swing, balance, jump and rappel on these structures, learning to overcome limitations and achieve an enhanced sense of self concept.

Terracentric’s Challenge Ropes Course Facility is located on 40 wooded acres along the Eagle River south of Powell River, our custom designed course is designed to help achieve the maximum Adventure Learning experience. Nestled in a lush riparian zone, the Terracentric course starts with group initiative elements and progresses to a more challenging Low Ropes course and finally to our High Ropes where participants work to solve problems suspended high up in the rainforest canopy.

High Ropes Course Coming Soon!

Our High Ropes course, will be built at elevations greater than 20’ in order to develop a participants confidence and trust in both themselves and the rest of their group. Wearing industry certified safety equipment all of our course components are built to the highest engineering standards. Examples include walking across a two-line bridge suspended 40 feet in the air and a super zip line ride through the rain forest canopy past a towering box canyon. The elements vary in level of difficulty, some simple to solve, others requiring more thought and planning.  Check back with us soon to see how are High Ropes Course is developing!  Also available at our Ropes Course location is an indoor workshop facility suitable for groups of up to 18 people.

Day or Multi Day Wilderness Field Trips

Combining the theories and process of adventure learning with recreational and/or educational activities can be a powerful experience. The outdoor environment provides wonderful opportunities for ecological learning, self-discovery, leadership development and growth as a group works and learns together in a wilderness setting.

From day trips to longer overnight backcountry expeditions, we can safety guide, outfit and provide specific skill instruction to your group. Choose from a wide range of day or multi day Hiking, Sea Kayaking or Canoe trip options suitable for all ages and abilities.  

Examples include day or multi day Sea Kayaking trips to the Copeland Island or Desolation Sound Marine Parks, Interpretive Zodiac Trips to Desolation Sound and Mittlenatch Provincial Marine Parks, day or multi day hikes on the Sunshine Coast Trail (hut to hut through hiking) and day or multi day canoe trips on the many lakes of our region.

Outdoor Skills Instruction And Certification

Terracentric is the regions original Paddle Canada (Paddle Canada Logo) (insert link to Paddle Canada) training facility offering both general paddle sport courses as well as guide and instructor level certification Guiding, certification (when possible) and Instruction are available in the following outdoor

Our diverse team and spectacular location combine to allow us to offer technical skill instruction in the following disciplines.

  • Sea Kayaking  
  • Canoeing
  • Orienteering  
  • Rock Climbing  
  • Winter Camping  
  • Hiking  
  • Mountain Biking
  • Snowshoeing

Additionally we have classroom-ready instructional modules ideally suited for Outdoor Education students:

  • Outdoor Group Living Skills
  • Leadership Studies
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Trip Planning and Preparation
  • Safety and Risk Management

Field Studies

Terracentric Coastal Adventures offers a variety of stand-alone or sequential adventure based field studies and field trips designed with learning-by-doing strategies at the forefront.  Our programs are customized so please contact us to start planning your workshop!

Our Field Studies, designed for classes from Kindergarten to College level, combine indoor and outdoor adventure based activities and focus on any number of learning outcomes, including: Science, Physical Education, Social Studies/History, Geography, and Leadership Studies.  Elements of Mathematics and Language Arts can be brought in to each activity.

Field Studies options we offer include:

  • Forest Ecology Programs and rainforest hikes, which include leadership challenges, historical information, nature activities, and physical challenges.  
  • Freshwater Ecology Programs, looking at the cycle of water through ponds, rivers, forests, and skies.
  • Coastal Marine Ecology Programs, looking at intertidal zones, estuaries, and tidal forces.
  • Activity Exploratory Programs using Zodiac/Tandem Canoe/ Big Canoe/ Sea Kayak/Beach Hunt Class Adventure Day etc.
  • Ecology & Adventure Learning Programs for Homeschoolers - Forest Ecology, Survival Skills, Freshwater Ecology, Marine Ecology, Day Hikes, Kayaking Trips, Mitlenatch Island Ecology.
  • Large Group or events and special theme days
  • In-Class & In-session Workshops
    We offer customized in-class workshops that focus on learning about the natural environment and our place within it, as well as in-session strategic planning workshops.  Please contact us to get started planning.

Teacher and Administrator Professional Development Workshops

From sessions focused on improving team performance to providing theoretical and practical in service training sessions, visioning and Strategic Action planning our team of skilled Facilitators has been supporting the work of Administrators and teachers for years.  Come to one of our facilities or we’ll come to yours. Examples of sessions include:

  • Designing Effective Experiential Learning programs for struggling teens
  • Theory, Origins and Practices; Pedagogy of Outdoor Education and Adventure Therapy
  • Minimizing Risk and Maximizing results for Adventure Learning in diverse groups
  • Safety Awareness and Risk management training workshops and consulting for systems development.
  • Hard and Soft adventure based Skill Certification

“Very helpful, taught working together, understanding others and their actions/reactions.” Teambuilding workshop participant, Community Futures Youth Project

“Both facilitators were very enthusiastic, thorough in their planning and knowledgeable in their field.  Student safety was first and foremost in their minds at all times.” Gerry Brach, Teacher, Westview Learning Centre, School District #47

Program Planning & Delivery

Coming Up With A Plan
Our Program Developer will work at developing a thorough understanding of your organization. By finding out your goals and vision we can build a custom program that achieves maximum results. Meeting your team’s leaders will help us to refine our programs objectives and determine which of our many tools will help us get there. Meeting with your staff ahead of time is key in making the process work.

From Idea To Action
Our planners understand that each group’s needs are unique. From the information you give us we will develop a dynamic customized program. Our facilitators have worked in a variety of settings and with a diverse range of client groups, from health authorities to non-profit agencies, local governments, schools and at risk youth. These experiences serve us in designing effective programs that enable you to uncover the power in your nature.

Evaluation and Support
Your group will engage in fun, stimulating activities, things that may have never been done before. They will work together towards a common goal. Traditional ways of working together will be challenged and new ones will be discovered. Our facilitation of the process becomes vital during discussions and briefings where key learning is recognized and the group is assisted in applying those discoveries into real life situations.

Our Team

Since 2001 Terracentric has recruited a group of skilled facilitators and instructors for its workshops. Each of our team members has extensive experience with group dynamics, active learning styles, organizational effectiveness and creating environments where real change can occur. All of our facilitators are chosen for their dynamic creativity and their fluency with the foundations of experiential learning. Want to more about us? Have a look at our team member profiles.

Contact us today for a package on our latest organizational team building workshops and our client list. We have provided programs for client groups of 6-150.

What our guests are saying about us...

"The Zodiac tour far exceeded our expectations. Our guide was very knowledgeable about marine and terrestrial ecosystems, native and European history and modern day events."