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The Terracentric Philosophy and Approach

Our Approach weaves together classic ‘adventure-based’ learning methodology with experiential activities in the phenomenal beauty of the temperate coastal rain forest of the upper Sunshine Coast and Desolation Sound. We are multi disciplinary in our approach and have a wide range of delivery options to choose from. Using media such as games, activities, group challenges, Ropes Course and self-propelled wilderness travel, trained instructor facilitators frame your experience so that it may act as a metaphor for your actual real life situations. Each program is custom planned with you well before the start so that proper preparation and maximum long-term benefits are realized.

A Terracentric program can take place indoors or out, on a sea kayaking trip or in a boardroom dependent on your goals, comfort level and budget. Our Facilitators are highly skilled at drawing out the best in people, no matter what the environment.

All of our workshops maximize trust building and employ the Challenge by Choice Philosophy and are suitable for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.  When it comes to ‘learning by doing’ and challenging yourself to the limits of your personal safety zone, it’s less about the ultimate goal and more about how you grow as a person.

The Challenge by Choice Philosophy is the guiding principle of all Terracentric programs. This philosophy strives to allow each participant to challenge themselves to the limit of their personal comfort level. All Terracentric adventure based programs use this participant centered approach. Respect for individuals choices are essential and many valuable learning opportunities exist as groups work to support each persons journey.

What our guests are saying about us...

"I loved everything about this experience! We hired Terracentric to take us to Sarah Point, the start of the Sunshine Coast Trail. Christine was hilarious, professional and very friendly from start to finish. She expertly guided us to the drop off point and wished us well. She managed to find a spot where we could disembark without getting wet (without a dock!). I highly recommend Terracentric and would use them again in a heartbeat."