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Recreation Sites & Trails Maintenance Programs

On-going Trail Work and Maintenance

As part of our commitment to local area conservation, community development and connecting people to the outdoors, Terracentric has worked in the area of Recreation Sites and Trails maintenance and construction since 2007.

Originally introduced as part of creating meaningful real-time outdoor work based training opportunities, this area of the company continues to grow.  Working with community partners we have serviced the Powell Forest Canoe Route and BC Parks for more than ten years.  

The Powell Forest Canoe Route is a 57 km, 8 lake, 5 portage journey that takes roughly 5 days. Portages range from 0.7 km – 2.8 km, and paddling stretches from 1 km – 28.5 km. The best time to travel the route is from June – October.  For more information on the Powell Forest Canoe Route, click here (Insert link for discover PR link to canoe route).

Services we offer for Machine or Hand built Trails and Campsites include:

  • Trail Layout and Design
  • Trail and Campsite Maintenance and Restoration
  • Project Management
  • Trail and Campsite Maintenance Training Programs
  • Consulting

All Our Trails and campsites seek to be designed with preservation in mind and are constructed with a personal approach that utilizes natural elements as often as possible. Contact us today to discuss how to add Terracentric expertise to your Recreation Sites or Trails project.

What our guests are saying about us...

"We had an amazing day taking the Ragged Island Sea Kayak Tour. Jan, our guide was very experienced as well as knowledgeable about the area history, marine life and the flora and fauna when we stopped on one of the islands for lunch. The equipment we were provided with was top notch and well cared for. We had different levels of experience in our group and under Jan’s guidance we felt very safe."