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Terracentric Safety & Risk Management

A Few Words About Safety…

It is critical for both our clients and for ourselves that we ensure high safety and facilitation standards when leading our adventure learning activities. Terracentric takes pride in our focus on physical and emotional safety, taking into consideration factors such as age, physical abilities and of course the Challenge by Choice philosophy. People from all walks of life, regardless of physical ability or athletic skill are welcome and encouraged to participate. All of our program facilitators are highly trained professionals who are constantly upgrading their skills. In addition to the specialized training they receive, all our program staff hold a minimum 80 hour wilderness first aid certification.

Contact us with any concerns or for more information on our comprehensive Safety Awareness and Risk Management policies and practices.

What our guests are saying about us...

"Great family adventure! Top notch views, with a guide that knows the area like the back of his hand. Make sure the batteries in your camera are charged, and you have lots of room on your memory card."