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An Active Family Vacation ~ the Seggie Family, Nanaimo BC

March 31, 2020

“Living in BC we’re spoiled with so many options for a family vacation. This was a good relaxing family holiday and coastal adventure, as for us, we like to seek out the ‘less people’ escapes.”

In 2019, the Seggie family, an active bunch from Nanaimo with two teenagers aged 13 & 16, had sea kayaking on their wish list. Dad was thinking of the coast circle route but while researching, Mom discovered Lund, at the end of Highway 101 on the Sunshine Coast, as an option. It offered not only kayaking but biking, hiking, swimming in warm water, boat tours, sea kayaking and harbourfront accommodations.

When asked how the experience was for them, “beyond expectations” was the response. “We can be quite particular” adding “it’s nice when the experiences matches and betters the internet portrayal… it worked out really well, and reasonably priced for a middle income family of four to stay”.

Their accommodations, the Lund Harbour House was peaceful, handcrafted with lots of attention to detail. “We brought our bikes on the water taxi and went to Savary Island for the day. As well we paddled around the harbour on our inflatable paddle boards, we hiked to the Hurtado Point bluffs, all in addition to the two 6 hour adventure tours with Terracentric Coastal Adventures.”

“Sea kayaking these clear waters with our guide Jan was super-awesome. As our first time sea kayaking, he made it so easy and we all enjoyed the day out. Seeing the return of the sea stars to the region was great and we are planning a return trip to snorkel in the region and explore more.”

“The Zodiac boat tour with Christine into Desolation Sound was our 13 year olds favourite adventure. We enjoyed the picnic, short hike and warm swim at a freshwater lake.”

“As a family who enjoys outdoor adventures, we like that both our guides allowed us enough freedom to enjoy our ‘family adventure’ while keeping us safe and giving us space without being overbearing, striking a good balance.”

When asked what might be improved, dad’s response was “free back rubs”, which might be outside Terracentrics offerings but we could arrange a masseuse.

Thanks to the Seggie family for joining us in August 2019 and for sharing your story!

What our guests are saying about us...

"The Zodiac tour far exceeded our expectations. Our guide was very knowledgeable about marine and terrestrial ecosystems, native and European history and modern day events."