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About Terracentric Coastal Adventures

When Terracentric owners Christine Hollmann and Hugh Prichard met in the mid 1990’s, it was quickly apparent that they shared a common vision - a company that offered innovative, high quality, experiential adventures in the amazing outdoors of the upper Sunshine Coast.

The Powell River region had the perfect physical environment for the development of both outdoor education programs and recreational tours that provide active, positive learning opportunities for all ages. Since June of 2001, Terracentric Coastal Adventures has been consulting, developing and delivering guiding services and adventure learning programs in a wide range of settings for both public and private sector organizations.

After initially working out of their home office, they moved into the Lund Hotel building helping to establish Lund as an adventure hub for visitors seeking to explore the both the marine and terrestrial environments. 2005 was a big year for Terracentric, when Hugh and Christine bought their Zodiac tour boat, designed and taught a semester long outdoor adventure training program for high school students, moved into the newly built Harbour’s Edge Building above Nancy’s Bakery and grew their family with the birth of their son!

Since that time, we have been steadily growing year after year, building up our kayak fleet, adding rentals, working hard to develop more outdoor education programs whilst continuing our commitment to offering some of the best tours in our area!

In 2008, the company was fortunate enough to gain access to a harbour front location for the departure of all its kayak tours and rentals from a private launch site. Now in 2016, Hugh and Christine, with their partners, have purchased the one acre property and our now embarking on offering unique harbour front suites and in the future some new amenities for locals and visitors alike.

Today our business continues to operate year round, with the focus on tourism from May – September, educational programs from September – June and we also take care of local tourism infrastructure through maintenance work in both BC Parks and Recreational Sites.

What hasn’t changed over the years is our love for the place we call home and sharing it with those who come to experience its beauty and diversity. As our business name implies, we believe that all beings, and all things are connected to our natural environment, either directly or indirectly. This includes us as the human animal on this planet. It is our hope that our experiences will kindle those connections, whether within the individual themselves, between other people or to the natural environment. For us, it’s all about empowering people through impactful, hands on experiences and of course, having fun!

"Be the change you want to see..."
    - Ghandi

What our guests are saying about us...

"The Zodiac tour far exceeded our expectations. Our guide was very knowledgeable about marine and terrestrial ecosystems, native and European history and modern day events."