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Organizational Development

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Organizational Development





Where Are You Going? 

Team work is a journey not a destination. It's an ever changing and fluid process that responds to the needs of your customers, clients and employees. Just when you think you're there, new possibilities appear on the horizon.

How Can You Keep Pace? 

By filling your organization with creative thinkers, skilled problem solvers, effective leaders and strong teams. You may think these people are in short supply however they probably already work for you just don't know it. Yet.
Our team of highly skilled Facilitators and Trainers can help you draw the map and chart a new course.
You know your organization, but you may be so close to it that, at times, it's hard to see the big picture, new opportunities, or different ways of doing things. That's where Terracentric can help. We combine our business, facilitating, and training skills to help you:
  • Plot sales strategies
  • Brainstorm new products or services
  • Build a healthy corporate culture
  • Create new ways of doing business
  • Solve old problems with fresh ideas
  • Form a strategic vision
  • Think more critically
  • Manage change
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Think outside-the-box

When was the last time you had a breakthrough in your organization? 

Terracentric can help you find them! Out team is skilled at bringing out the best in your organization--at helping people reach their potential and deliver the results you need.
Using games, activities, challnges and our Ropes Course, professionally trained facilitators frame your experience so that it may act as a metaphor for your real life work situation.  Each program is custom designed with you during the program planning we do prior to the workshop.
Each of our programs can take place indoors or out, on a sea kayak or in a board room.  We will plan you workshop based on your goals, comfort level, and budget.  Our facilitators are highly skilled at drawing out the best in people, no matter what the environment.  All of our workshops maximize trust building and employ the Challenge by Choice philosophy.  They are suitable for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.
Our high-impact experiential training techniques give you relevant, long term skills for your organization.

Work Hard, Play Hard!

It’s true, groups that play together, stay together! Terracentric facilitators specialize in creating fun, interactive team 'play' or recreational days for your organization. Picnics, retreats, Scavenger hunts, group games, Sea Kayaking, Zodiac tours and more provide new ways to build a productive climate in your team. Play days boost team morale while stimulating, rewarding and re-energizing your team. Call today for more fun ideas!


Since 2001 Terracentric has recruited a group of skilled facilitators and instructors for its workshops. Each of our team members has extensive experience with group dynamics, active learning styles, organizational effectiveness and creating environments where real change can occur. All of our facilitators are chosen for their dynamic creativity and their fluency with the foundations of experiential learning. Learn more.

Call us today at 604.483.7900 for a package on our latest organizational team building workshops and our client list. We have provided programs for client groups of 6-150.

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