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Terracentric Coastal Adventures

Kayak Tours & Lessons - Lund BC

What’s the best way to experience the magic of the ocean environment? By becoming part of it in a sea kayak! For over 10 years our Naturalists and Outdoor Educators have provided visitors to our area with the very finest Sea Kayaking experiences. Our local area knowledge goes well beyond the basics, with in depth interactive tours and instruction that inspire you to step into the picture!

Floating in a sea kayak requires only a few inches of water, so imagine the places you can go. From sea birds to seals, purple sea stars to sea cucumbers, the marine world of our area is fascinatingly diverse!


All of our kayak programs leave from Lund and are suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Each program includes an introduction to sea kayaking to ensure your comfort and safety before we set out to explore nearby bays and islands, travelling along a shoreline rich with intertidal marine life. All of our kayak programs emphasize active learning and are a true learning adventure! 


1/2 Day Guided Tours Lessons & Certification
Floating Families Sea Kayaking Lessons
Salish Sea Explorer Custom Lessons
Living Lights Evening Tour Paddle Canada Certification
Women's Only Lessons
Full Day Guided Tours Zodiac & Kayak Combo Tours
Floating Families Desolation Sound Kayak & Zodiac Tour
Savary Sands Day Tour  
Ragged Islands Explorer  Kayak Rentals & Transport
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 Multi-Day Sea Kayaking Trips  
Overnight Kayaking Trips  

Guided Tours

Floating Families Full & Half Day Tours

Join an award winning Terracentric family program today! Our most popular Family Program, our Floating Families kayak tour gets the whole family out on the water together.  Recognized as leaders in Family Friendly programming, we have created a program that draws on the magic of the coast to create the ultimate in family friendly fun.  Our team of Outdoor Educators and Group Facilitators create an interactive playscape that will put you in the picture. Nearby beaches and islands become our playground as we paddle, swim and explore our way through a day’s adventure, Lund style. Imaginative games and family-designed activities stir up plenty of fun and learning that is sure to engage the entire family. 

Our Facilitators have been designing and delivering imaginative, fun and safe intergenerational family programs for more than 15 years.  Bring your entire family for a fabulous day on the high seas that will be the one you are still talking about years later!

Full Day (6 hours) - SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN AGES 8 & UP
$115 per adult, $58 per child (up to 10 years) + GST Includes lunch, kayaks, exciting guide, and a safety lesson.
Min. 3 people
Half Day (3.5 hours) - SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN AGES 4 & UP

$75 per adult, $38 per child (up to 13 years) + GST Includes kayaks, guide, and a safety lesson. Min. 2 people 

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Ragged Islands & Salish Sea Explorer

Meet some of our areas ‘Major Rock’ Stars on this journey of discovery through the Ragged Islands, the local name for the Copeland Island Marine Park.  In the near distance the volcanic formation of Major Rock can be seen protruding from the Strait, it’s rocky cliffs and shore a natural refuge for migrants and residents alike.

Come for a day in the ‘Raggeds’ and meet at least three Major Rock Stars!

Ragged Islands Explorer
6hrs  $115 per person + GST

Salish Sea Explorer
3.5 hrs      $75 per person + GST 
Includes kayaks, equipment, guides. Full day includes a yummy lunch.


Savary Sands Day Tour 

 Savary Island’s legendary warm waters and expansive sandy    beaches are the destination on this tropical day tour.  The island is  a narrow, crescent shaped sliver of glacial outwash sediments –  apart from an ancient granite outcrop at Green’s Point known as the ‘ anchor of the island”, Savary is essentially a migrating sandbar.  From the shoreline to the uplands, Savary nurtures a rare sequence  of ecosystems; expansive beaches to dune meadow and older  forests.  This unique geology and ecology makes Savary extremely  rare, fragile and endangered.  Discover your place in the picture by joining our expert Naturalists and Guides on this journey that sifts back through the layers of time.  Includes delicious beach lunch served with plenty of relaxation and swimming before paddling home.  Often called to Hawaii of the Pacific Northwest, this tropical jewel is not to be missed

8hrs $139 per person + GST
Includes kayaks, equipment, guides, yummy lunch.

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Desolation Sound Kayak & Zodiac Combo Tour

One of our most popular tours!  Finally a day program that combines the best of our offerings; high end sea kayak programs with our signature marine sight seeing tour in world class Desolation Sound!


 Following a pre trip orientation by your Program Leaders that will ensure you  get the most out of the day, you and your group will set out aboard our zodiac  for a shortened marine sight seeing tour of the area.  Listen as your on-board  Naturalist and Guide begins to weave together the geological, natural and  human stories of the Pacific Northwest.  Travelling among some of the outer  islands we will round Sarah Point, entering into the Sound that Captain  George Vancouver found so Desolate all those years ago.  There in a  nearby-secluded bay we will rendezvous with our kayaks.   Following our  usual Sea Kayak introduction we will set out, paddling along craggy rocky  shores covered in a vast array of intertidal life. We meander home, weaving  our way through the archipelago of islands that compose the Copeland  Island Marine Park, known locally as the ‘Raggeds’. As we paddle through the last remaining 3% of the Coastal Douglas Fir Ecosystem in the world,

our interpretation includes an overview of this complex ecological area.   A delicious shore lunch served at an ancient beach landing site, with as many local and organic ingredients as possible.  As the afternoon draws to an end we complete our day’s journey by paddling into the Lund Harbor.

7 hours $159 per person + GST 
Includes zodiac boat tour, kayaks, equipment, lunch, guides



Living Lights Evening Tours

Lund boasts some of the most beautiful sunsets in the  world.  Imagine setting out in your kayak just as the sun  sets, catching the golden glow of the last rays as they  dance behind distant snow capped peaks.  As the  evening deepens, you have the choice of paddling  under a full moon, or in the darkness of a new moon  during which the magic of bioluminescence comes alive.  In this unbelievable spectacle tiny plankton explode in flashes of light as your paddle slips silently through the water. 


Don’t miss out on this fabulous moonlight adventure. Unforgettable!  Package this tour with a meal at one of our local dining establishments and a night’s stay in our guest suite for the ultimate romantic weekend adventure. See our packages section for more details. 
Special Tour: View the Perseids Meteor Shower from the water - shooting stars above and twinkling luminescence below make for a magical evening adventure. Check with us in July for meteor shower dates.
3 hrs $69 per person + GST

Minimum 2 people
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Overnight Paddling Adventures

Terracentric offers every level of support for your overnight kayaking trip.  From planning & guiding the entire trip for you (with consultation and approval from you, of course!), to just picking up or dropping off you and your kayaks, and everything in between, our goal is to get you out there enjoying our beautiful marine world!  
Multi-day Kayakers Package (pdf): waiver forms, gear lists, reference lists
Paddle Canada Certification Package (pdf): waiver form, course description

Lessons & Certification

At the heart of all Terracentric programming is our commitment to innovative teaching techniques and instructional systems.   Our Kayak Instructors are professional educators with years of worldwide experience. We are known regionally for our dedication and expertise in outdoor skill certification and skills instruction. Able to work with people of all ages and most physical abilities, we take pride in providing excellence in our service.
Designed to meet you at your level, our Sea Kayak Educational Programs blend practical experience with grounded theory, and are intended to give you more than just a few hours on the water. Whether you are just starting out, looking to refine your skills or are wanting to work professionally as a Guide, our Sea Kayak Educational Programs are the way.
Our instructors have taught and certified many paddlers for many years. Come learn with our area’s finest instructional team. Accept no imitations, make your next lesson a Terracentric lesson and see what everyone is talking about!
Want to take these courses as part of an entire program dedicated to Outdoor and Environmental Learning? Click here to Learn more about Coast Mountain Academy a partnership program run with School District #47, Powell River. BC.

Do you have the feeling that you should take a lesson? Well listen to that feeling…it’s a good idea!  There is way more to Sea Kayaking than meets the eye! This full day (8 hrs) lesson is designed to give you an overview of the basic components of Sea Kayaking and is aimed at making your paddling experience safer and more enjoyable. The lesson is a combination of on-land theory sessions and water based skills clinics. 


What? Come Learn About:

  • Boat design and construction
  • Required and desired safety and other equipment
  • Thoe origins of sea kayking including fascinating tales of early paddlers
  • Efficient Manoeuvring Strokes
  • Stability and Edging
  • How to prevent poor performance through proper planning
  • Group Management and Decision making
  • Basic Seamanship including an overview of chart reading and basic navigation
  • Paddle design and how to pick the right one for you
  • Flexibility and core strengthening exercises

So What? Gain Confidence In:

  • Safely launching or landing your boat
  • Completing a calm Wet Exit
  • Developing good paddling posture for an effective stroke.
  • Recovering yourself or someone else in the event of a capsize.
Now What? Practice:
As the best way to build your skills is to practice and paddle with others we will offer you a 10% discount off of any Sea Kayak program when you take a full day lesson with us as well.
Develop good habits, understand the dangers and get the knowledge needed to safely enjoy sea kayaking your entire life. Develop strong skills and habits from the start!  Lesson includes several handouts and lists designed to support your learning.  Please bring lunch, swim suit, towel, spare clothing.
Intro to Sea Kayaking 1: Essential      
4 hrs       $79/person + GST
Intro to Sea Kayaking 2: Comprehensive  
8 hrs       $139/person + GST
Sea Kayaking 3: Skills Upgrade
3 hrs       $69/person + GST
Includes kayak, gear, instructor, and resource materials.
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Looking for some customised 1:1 time with one of our instructors? This is the perfect choice for those wanting or needing some extra attention (or for those of you who are a little shy!).  Whether you are looking to refine paddling technique or complete one of our Outdoor Skills Modules, we have the time for you.  Paddlers with special physical needs often take some time with our Instructors as preparation for further trips.  Book your custom lesson today and make your dream of ultimate paddling freedom a reality!  Contact us for details.

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Have you got a group of 4 or more female friends interested in learning to paddle or honing your skills?  Our women's only program is for you!  What a great way to create lasting friendships.  Contact us today for details! 

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Terracentric Coastal Adventures Ltd. is pleased to offer certification through Paddle Canada courses:

Multi-day Kayakers Package (pdf): waiver forms, gear lists, reference lists
Paddle Canada Certification Package (pdf): waiver form, course description

Launch from our private waterfront site in the Lund Harbour.  We offer new & gently used equipment made by Canadian manufacturers.  Rentals include: local area map, tide info, PFD, spray deck, paddle, spare paddle, paddle float, throw line, and pump PLUS an orientation to local paddling conditions and skills review. 
0-3 hrs $35 $46
4-12 hrs $45 $65
2 day $85 $130
3 day $115 $185
4 day $150 $230
more days? $30/day $44/day
We also offer kayak transport for adventurers who want to venture deeper into the wilderness.  Just ask!

All information on this site, including photographs and written material, are the copyright of Terracentric Coastal Adventures Ltd. Any use of written material or photographs without the prior written consent of Terracentric Coastal Adventures Ltd is strictly prohibited. 

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