Lund Kayak Transportation and Water Taxi Services

Kayak Delivery Service

Terracentric offers full logistical support for you and your rental equipment.  For a fee we will transport your kayaks and gear, by land or by water. From small groups of two to larger parties, leave the logistical support to Desolation Sounds’ premier tour outfitter.  
Our Zodiac can take up to 4 singles, 4 passengers and gear for a 4 – 5 day trip in one trip. Prices start at $175 per trip, per direction.

Land Kayak Transport

We will not permit car topping of our kayaks.  We are happy however to transport your rented kayak and gear to Okeover inlet for a fee for groups of four or more kayaks.  Unfortunately we are not licensed to carry passengers (unless part of a tour) but will provide some suggestions of how to get around at the time of booking.  

  • Malaspina Peninusula Loop (paddling from Lund Harbor to Okeover Harbor or reverse): This route is a popular choice for renters who do not wish to have to back track on their route.

Land transport and delivery of kayaks is based on staff & trailer availability. Must be booked ahead of time and have a deposit paid. 
Minimum four kayaks required. All prices based on one-way trip.

Destination     Per Kayak  
Lund to Okeover Inlet            $25.00   

Marine Kayak Transport

By Water: Consider having Terracentric transport you to a more remote location in the region leaving you to paddle back through the islands and waterways of our stunning area.  Terracentric offers a water taxi service and is custom designed to carry up to four singles, plus the paddlers and camping equipment.  Bigger groups can be accommodated using a second larger vessel and separate rates apply. Please inquire. Easily accessible from our base in Lund, explore destinations in:

  • Desolation Sound
  • Discovery Islands (Quadra, Cortes, Penn, Rendezvous)
  • Toba Inlet
Rates apply for 2-4 people
Lund to Sarah Point $185.00
Lund to Copeland Islands North $175.00
Lund to Copeland Islands South $150.00
Lund to Savary Island Dock $95.00
Lund to Desolation Sound  (Curme Islands) $350.00
Lund to Toba Inlet  $700.00
Lund to Cortes Bay $205.00

Running times beyond these locations are calculated based upon a charter rate of $175.00 plus taxes per hour. Waiting time is $75.00 plus taxes per hour.

What our guests are saying about us...

"See desolation sound without a boat! We took the 8 hour Desolation sound tour with Christine. We had a fantastic time seeing the area, having lunch on a secluded beach, swimming in the ocean! An amazing trip."