Sea Kayak Rental Policies

Kayak Rental Cancellation Policy

When reserving kayaks, please note that Terracentric adheres to a strict policy for cancellations. Most renters do not anticipate their plans to change - but sometimes they do!

Please read the following cancellation policy carefully. Through feedback from staff and guests over the years, this policy has been developed to not only meet the needs of our company, but to be as reasonable as possible for our guests.

Our Cancellation Policy:

You will get a full refund if you cancel more than 3 weeks in advance. If you are giving us between 1-3 weeks notice, we charge a $25 administration fee per person booked, but the rest of the deposit will be returned to you. If you cancel within a week of your booked rental we cannot give a refund.

It is our hope that all our guests understand our need for this policy. We are not trying to be greedy by simply keeping your money.

Operating a seasonal business in a remote area means we have to maximize our limited season. When you reserve kayaks with us, we are committed to having boats in our small fleet available to you. We often have to turn potential renters away because we are completely booked up. Please honour your booking and our cancellation policy.

Cancellation policy for kayak rentals:

3 or more weeks:     Full refund of your deposit.
1 – 3 weeks:     Full refund less $25 per cockpit (person).
7 days or less:     No refund. Deposit retained.

Cancellation policy for outdoor camping gear:

3 or more weeks:     Full refund of your deposit.
1 – 3 weeks:     Full refund less 25% of total rental amount.
7 days or less:     No refund. Deposit retained.

Sorry, no rentals to unaccompanied minors. Terracentric can offer classes and tours to youth groups and lessons.

Our kayak rental process includes two steps:

First the completion of paperwork in the office and final payments followed by a mandatory 20 - 30-minute orientation and safety briefing at our launch site. This time is a part of your kayak rental period and is to ensure the proper use of our equipment and your safety and enjoyment while kayaking. As our staff team is scheduled for the time our rental guests indicate they will arrive, please let us know should you be delayed by calling the office with an updated time of arrival. Late arrivals may result in a delay of available launch times. If guests need more time to prepare for their trip (organizing/packing gear, getting supplies/food, filling water bottles), we ask this be done after the rental process is complete so that we may maintain our regular schedule. Walk-in rentals are welcome but may be subject to a wait time as staff becomes available.

Launchings and Landings:
Kayaks must be 100% floating when loading.  Take extra caution to approach all landings slowly to minimize scraping the boats gelcoat. Under no circumstances are boats to be dragged any distance along the beach. If you need help carrying a kayak when launching or upon return, please get help. Tie the boat to the shore if you need to leave it for a few minutes to get help to carry it but that is always preferable to dragging a boat across the rocks.

Damages Policy:
Damage is defined as anything that is out right broken or damaged to the extent that it will take staff time and materials to repair.
There is regular wear & tear and then there is damage.

Wear & Tear Example: Minor scratches or wear  

Damage Example: Gouges down to the glasswork

Driving passengers in our vehicles:
We are not licensed / insured to transport passengers in our vehicles. For a fee, we can pick up equipment / kayaks by vehicle.

Car topping / Boat topping:
At the discretion of the management, we do not allow renters to car top or boat top our sea kayaks.

Kayaks are not to be towed behind any vessel. Towing a kayak could cause irreparable damage. 

Rental Period:
We have high quality kayaks, and a limited number of them. Early returns are not refunded and Late returns will be subject to applicable rental charges. You have to let us know if you are going to be returning late otherwise a search may be initiated.

Solo Renters:
Generally speaking we do NOT rent to single paddlers. A person must demonstrate significant paddling experience and expertise in order for us to allow a single renter to go out. They must also demonstrate an ability to safely handle the kayak solo to and from the waters edge. In the case of solo renters, they must leave us a more detailed trip plan and may have to demonstrate their ability to conduct a self-rescue.

Leave No Trace Policy (LNT):
We encourage all visitors to abide by a Leave No Trace philosophy.  Our region features highly sensitive marine and terrestrial eco systems and care must be exercised to minimize disturbance.  If you plan on paddling to Savary Island be advised there are no public toilet facilities on the Island. For more information on Leave No Trace

BC Parks Permits and Fees:
Camping in the BC Provincial Marine Parks in our region require the payment of camping fees, $5.00 per person per night.  For more information and to purchase your permit visit the link below. You must have this before you depart and parks staff will check for your payments when they visit the campsites. Copeland Islands Marine Park

Camping in our Marine Parks and Surrounding Areas:
The area offers excellent kayak camping options in both Provincial Marine Parks as well as on Crown Land. Some Crown Land areas are however not available to the public as some kayak companies have tenure or seasonal exclusive use of those sites.  Terracentric carries a wide range of books and maps to assist you with trip planning. As water is not readily available during summer, it is advisable that campers bring at approximately three liters of water per day per person.

Obligatory Rental Paperwork: Before you head out on your trip, all renters are required to complete:

  • Kayak Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver
  • Trip plan document, telling us where you plan on heading and when you are planning on being back with estimated times

When the Tide Goes Out…Dinner is Served!:
If you plan on dining from the epicurean bounty otherwise known as the Intertidal zone, there are some things you will want to know ahead of time.  Always check the Shellfish Area closures before consuming any bivalve such as oysters or clams.  Fisheries Notices

Multi day vehicle parking is available to our multi-day renters at an additional fee of $5.00 per day.  Day renters are encouraged to use the pay parking lot adjacent to our office building, owned and operated by the Lund Resort. Check-in required with the Lund resort parking attendant.

Personal Kayaks (Non-Renters):
If you have personal kayaks and wish to use our private launch site in Lund to launch / land, you are very welcome! Some notes:

  • A $4 launch fee per kayak applies.
  • A $5 per vehicle per day charge applies to those who wish to park at our location (for multiday trips only)
  • If you are launching with renters and you arrived in the same vehicle, only the launch fees apply.
  • If you are launching with renters and came in your own vehicle, both the launch and the parking fees apply.

What our guests are saying about us...

"We had an enjoyable day touring Desolation Sound Marine Provincial Park on a 6 person zodiac boat. The guide was very knowledgeable of the area and enjoyed sharing stories and information. The tour included a yummy lunch, much of it from the guides own garden."