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Educational Programs

Adventure Learning Program Planning & Delivery What We Offer Examples of our Programs

Terracentric Coastal Adventures

Program Planning and Delivery


Why should you choose Terracentric to create the ideal experience for your group?
Terracentric customizes all of its adventure learning programs.
We work with you to determine the needs, goals and desired outcomes of your group.
We design programs using delivery options that will best meet your learning objectives,
itinerary and budget of your group.
We achieve BC Ministry of Education Prescribed Learning Outcomes in all our school programs.
From single session workshops to the sequential multiday approach, we deliver impactful,
effective programs in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings.

"Remember the trick is not getting rid of butterflies in your tummy, its getting them to fly in formation." Author Unknown

Program Consultation & Design

Program Delivery Options:

A Word About Safety

In order for us to offer our clients successful and meaningful programs, we use a classic 3 step approach that ensures a high caliber of programming, no matter what the delivery methods are:
  1. What?  Making the plan.  We work in consultation with you to develop a program to meet your needs and the needs of your group.
  2. So What? From ideas to action.  We facilitate and instruct all of our programs at a level appropriate to our client group.
  3. Now What? Evaluation and support.  We connect with you post-program to ensure that your needs were met and to see if there is any further action or support required.

Using group challenges and initiatives, our local Ropes Course and wilderness travel experiences , adventure learning programs foster growth within individuals which leads to growth within groups. All of these options are tailored to suit your needs and can be used alone or in combination for your adventure learning program.
The Terracentric Adventure Learning Kit (TALK) Our adventures are portable! We are able to bring an entire indoor or outdoor 'off-site' experiential training experience to your facility. Choose from over 20 plus challenge elements (including low ropes course) and over two hundred experiential group oriented activities, simulations and initiatives, that can be set up and facilitated in your boardroom, parking lot, a park, retreat center or conference facility.
What Is A Challenge Ropes Course? 
A challenge course is like an obstacle course in the trees, or between poles. Suspended anywhere from a few inches off the ground, to 30 - 40 feet in the air, it is constructed using cable, rope, logs and other hardware. Specific activities and initiatives , called elements, promote varying degrees of both individual and team problem solving and decision making. Participants climb, swing, balance, jump and rappel on these structures, learning to overcome limitations and achieve an enhanced sense of self concept.
Terracentric’s Challenge Ropes Course Facility Located on 40 wooded acres along the Eagle River south of Powell River, our custom designed course is designed to help achieve the maximum Adventure Learning experience. Nestled in a lush riparian zone the Terracentric course starts with group initiative elements and progresses to a more challenging Low Ropes course and finally to our High Ropes where participants work to solve problems suspended high up in the rainforest canopy.

We're Taking it Higher!  High Ropes Course Coming Soon!
Our High Ropes course, will be built at elevations greater than 20’ in order to develop a participants confidence and trust in both themselves and the rest of their group. Wearing industry certified safety equipment all of our course components are built to the highest engineering standards. Examples include walking across a two-line bridge suspended 40 feet in the air and a super zip line ride through the rain forest canopy past a towering box canyon. The elements vary in level of difficulty, some simple to solve, others requiring more thought and planning.  Check back with us soon to see how are High Ropes Course is developing!  Also available at our Ropes Course location is an indoor workshop facility suitable for groups of up to 18 people.

Wilderness Guiding, Outdoor Skills Instruction, & Field Studies Combining the theories and process of adventure learning with recreational and/or educational activities can be a powerful experience. The outdoor environment provides wonderful opportunities for ecological learning, self discovery, leadership development and growth as a group works and learns together in a wilderness setting. From day trips to longer overnight excursions, we can safety guide and provide specific skill instruction to your group. Guiding and Instruction are available in the following outdoor activities:     * Sea Kayaking     * Canoeing     * Orienteering     * Rock Climbing                 * Winter Camping
    * Hiking     * Mountain Biking     * Snowshoeing
Our Field Studies, designed for classes from Kindergarten to College level, focus on any number of learning outcomes, including: Science, Physical Education, Social Studies/History, Geography, and Leadership Studies.  Elements of Mathematics and Language Arts can be brought in to each activity.


In-Class & In-session Workshops

We offer customized in-class workshops that focus on learning about the natural environment and our place within it, as well as in-session strategic planning workshops.  Please contact us to get started planning.



Testimonials: “Very helpful, taught working together, understanding others and their actions/reactions.” Teambuilding workshop participant, Community Futures Youth Project “Both facilitators were very enthusiastic, thorough in their planning and knowledgeable in their field.  Student safety was first and foremost in their minds at all times.” Gerry Brach, Teacher, Westview Learning Centre, School District #47


A Word About Safety

It is critical for both our clients and for ourselves that we ensure high safety and facilitation standards when leading our adventure learning activities. Terracentric takes pride in our focus on physical and emotional safety, taking into consideration factors such as age, physical abilities and of course the Challenge by Choice philosophy. People from all walks of life, regardless of physical ability or athletic skill are welcome and encouraged to participate. All of our program facilitators are highly trained professionals who are constantly upgrading their skills. In addition to the specialized training they receive, all our program staff hold a minimum 80 hour wilderness first aid certification.

Contact us today at 604.483.7900 or by email for more information or to get started on planning a Terracentric Adventure Learning Program.


All information on this site, including photographs and written material, are the copyright of Terracentric Coastal Adventures Ltd. Any use of written material or photographs without the prior written consent of Terracentric Coastal Adventures Ltd is strictly prohibited. 

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