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Terracentric Coastal Adventures

Philosophy & Approach


Challenge by Choice

Challenge by Choice is the guiding principle of all Terracentric programs. The philosophy strives to allow each participant to challenge themselves to the limit of their personal comfort level. All Terracentric Adventure Learning programs use this participant centered approach. Respect for individuals choices are essential and many valuable learning opportunities exist as groups work to support each persons journey through the experience.

Our Approach

Using games, activities, challenges and our Ropes Course, trained facilitators frame your experience so that it may act as a metaphor for your actual real life work situation. Each program is custom designed with you during the program planning we do with you prior to the workshop.
Each of our programs can take place indoors or out, on a sea kayaking trip or in a board room dependent on your goals, comfort level and budget. Our Facilitators are highly skilled at drawing out the best in people, no matter what the environment. All of our workshops maximize trust building and employ the Challenge by Choice Philosophy. They are also suitable for people of all ages and abilities.
When it comes to learning by doing and challenging yourself to the limits of your personal safety zone, it’s less about the ultimate goal and more about how you grow as a person. Respect for an individuals choices is crucial.



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